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We are a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting a progressive no-kill philosophy. We have created an animal sanctuary with our primary focus on enlightenment to the beauty of relating to animals on their level. Our unique program introduces guests to the herd in their natural daily environment instead of asking the herd to conform to the human agenda. ***The animals lead the sessions and we are only here to experience, learn and enjoy the amazing interaction. Some of our animals have been born and raised on the property and several are rescues from various backgrounds and situations.


We offer mentoring programs for kids in our communities providing a safe place to explore the beauty of a giving and receiving the unconditional love and respect through the animals. They will learn how to care for the animals, communicate compassionately while experiencing the gift of taking on and enjoying responsibilities.

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace” Albert Schweitzer.

Sessions with the “Healing Herd” for people addressing grief, illness, emotional distress, anxiety, fear and other challenges in life. Although we do not set a fee for these sessions, we gratefully accept donations or love offerings.  Give what you are able to give, be it financial support, volunteering time, food for the animals, vet fees, farrier fees etc.

It is our belief that,euthanasia should not be a form of population control. Animals  deserve better than to be sentenced to death because of irresponsible owners, lack of space, not enough time, or lack of resources whatever the EXCUSE may be (none that we consider valid)! Our position opposes slaughtering animals, horses, wolves, burros, elephants, kangaroos,….. the list goes on.

If any animal is to be slaughtered for any reason, we advocate organic, sustainable and true free range farming practices with the Temple Grandin way of taking their lives, humanely, quietly and without excessive anxiety and fear.

***All animals that guests interact with have been socialized through our family style up bringing with the King of the Herd Ola’pa

Ola'pa King of the Herd

Ola’pa King of the Herd

and 2nd in command Chippewa who keep the rest of the herd centered, focused and respectful of the humans.

Chippewa overseeing one of our volunteers fixing a fence,

Chippewa overseeing one of our volunteers fixing a fence.


    • Please be responsible and spay or neuter your animals!  Become part of the solution instead of the problem. Please stop breeding or allowing your animals to have litters of puppies or kittens so that your “kids can experience the miracle of life”, or because you “can’t afford to have them fixed”, or “you want to make money”……….
    • Instead, take your kids to a local shelter and share the vision of compassion and responsibility by adopting a pet or more who want and need a forever home.
  • This is essential to control pet OVER POPULATION! Please spread the word!
  • Offer your time to help us fix fences, create shelters, feed/groom animals etc.
  • Make a donation All donations are tax-deductible  no gift  is too small – every penny helps
  • Find out how to become a sponsor for any animal monthly and yearly donations welcome through PayPal

    Kook ta Doo and Maheia

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