What We Do

Our Mission - Being a voice for animals through the eyes of a child, inspiring compassion and action, inspiring communication and love through interactions with the animals in their natural environment, ending animal cruelty, and working locally and thinking globally.

Animal Care

We care for animals we have taken in, and although we cannot take in anymore, we hope to expand our services with your help.


We provide tours to individuals and groups who want to learn more about helping animals and the environment. Tours are set up by appointment only.

Community Support

We help to educate the community through talks, nature retreats and education programs for both kids and adults.

Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza

The work that Hearts For Animals is accomplishing is absolutely amazing, and the passion they have for not only taking care of animals, but for educating the public and making an impact on the lives of visitors, has inspired me to do more!

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